Study Abroad in Rome

Study and live in the heart of Rome on this new UW program. Located in the historic center, the Rome Center offers courses led by faculty from UW Bothell and Tacoma. Programs include Applied Mathematics, Art History, Anthropology, Business, Cinema Studies, Classics, Education, English, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, and International Studies.

Studying in the heart of Rome

With Rome as its home base, students on this program are within walking distance of some of the world’s most iconic cultural sites. These include the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Pantheon. Throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain is a must; legend says it ensures you’ll return to Rome someday.

You’ll also be able to explore LUISS University, a modern academic institution housed in Parioli. This school offers advanced Italian-taught courses for students who are proficient in the language and English-taught courses for those who aren’t.

In addition to a variety of course options, the university offers international conferences, symposia, and workshops that can enhance your academic experience. The campus is designed with open, dynamic, and transparent spaces to promote an immersive study abroad experience. Students can take courses in the humanities, religions, social sciences, and politics with local Italian and other international students. They’ll also be able to participate in field trips and excursions throughout the city.

Getting your passport

Getting your passport is an important step in your study abroad journey. It can take several weeks to process, and it’s best to begin the application as early as possible.

If you have a passport that expires in less than six months, you may need to renew it to avoid any problems during your travels. In addition, make sure that your passport has enough blank pages for your trip.

You should also make a copy of your passport and keep it at home, just in case. Ensure that you have the photo/signature page and the visa page in your passport. This way, you can always show your passport if required.

Students on this program enroll at Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA). Students with an advanced level of Italian can choose to take courses at Accademia di Costume e Moda. In fall, students can select one English-taught course on Fashion Styling and Communication. These courses are included in the Foster Rome Program fee.

Field trips

Depending on your program of study, you may be able to participate in community-based learning experiences in Rome. These experiences combine time with a local organization and academic, for-credit seminar work to explore issues such as microfinance, human development, the environment, and globalization.

For students in the Foster School of Business, there is a unique program that allows you to take classes from top Foster faculty while in Rome. This cohort-style program also includes company visits and cultural activities. In addition, students stay in shared apartments a short walk from the UW Rome Center.

The program offers a combination of Italian-taught and English-taught courses, as well as field trips. These are included in the program fee. You can use your financial aid to pay for the program fee in the same way that you would for tuition. Just be sure to check your MyUW account periodically for updates on due dates. Talk with a Student Ambassador who’s been there to learn more about the experience.


You’ll learn about Rome’s archeological, architectural, and artistic riches in the classroom while exploring the city on guided field studies. You’ll also build your Italian skills and get to know other students from the UW community.

You can live like a local by living in apartments close to the University of Washington Rome Center. Most are within a 30 minute walk of the center and include an equipped kitchen. You’ll be able to whip up your own pasta carbonara or practice your culinary skills.

The Foster Rome Program is a unique opportunity to study abroad with fellow Foster students while working closely with UW faculty. This program includes company visits specifically designed to complement classroom learning, cultural activities, and group meals. You’ll also be able to stay at Villa Serenella, a monastery owned by the Antonine order of monks. The villa is surrounded by 13 acres of olive groves, pine trees and walking paths. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while taking classes with UW faculty and students in history, writing, and art history.

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